When you are running a business, you will definitely having a website. A website helps in improving the online presence of a business and also their online visibility. However, just having a website is not enough for a business. The site needs to be optimized so that it can reach out to a wide number of people.

Even if you are planning to build a website, by taking the help of a SEO agency Toronto, you need to be very careful. It has been seen that when developing a site apart from actual on-page optimization and linking efforts, a site’s performance can get greatly affected by the design and development.

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Questions to Ask

In order to avoid such issues, businesses when planning to build a website should try to ask digital agencies certain questions. The questions are mentioned below:

Who owns the Google Analytics account?

You must ask if the SEO agency Toronto would allow businesses to own the Google Analytics account. If the digital agency uses company’s Google Account for creating the Google Analytics, it would be best for a business as the company would have access to data.

How many filtered views have been created?

Google Analytics allows to collects data from all visitors by default. You must ask if the agency can help you to view only targeted audiences. It can help in eliminating unwanted traffic for the business.


Have You Set Goals in Google Analytics?

Webmasters can easily tag the objectives in Google Analytics as goals. For example, tagging the goals can help businesses to identify and track the activity of website visitors.

Have They Tagged Important Events on the Website?

You can ask SEO agency Torontoexperts if they can measure the action of the visitors like playing video. The agency can also tag the various features as important events and track visitors.

Are They Using Google Tag Manager?

You must ask the digital agency if they are using GTM so that the site coded can be easily edited. It allows owners to change the tags without any error.

Have the Agency Enabled Enhanced E-commerce?

Any SEO agency Toronto with the help of analytics can collect key metrics which are important for e-commerce websites. They should be able to collect data points such as, shipping cost, tax, SKU, category, price, quantity, etc.

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Are You Using Custom Dimension?

Custom dimensions can be defined as variables that can store additional information. Agencies can use it to help businesses to gather data which can be sensible for a business.

Setting of Dashboards

Digital agency can set up dashboards that can businesses to save time on finding things. These dashboards can be easily emailed.

Have You Set Up Alerts?

SEO agency Toronto can help in setting up alerts so that businesses don’t miss out important information. Any kind of issues can be easily handled and action can be taken once alert is received

Do They Implement the User-ID Feature?

Digital agencies could integrate User-ID feature form Google Analytics. Doing this can help businesses to get an idea about their reaper at as well as new customers.

Hopefully, when the aforementioned questions are answered by digital agency, choosing them won’t be a dilemma.

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